The ancient Jewish town of Split in Croatia

Jewish life in Split, Croatia is steeped in rich history and ancient traditions. The Jewish community, although small, maintains a deep connection to its past and cultural heritage. The local synagogue, one of the oldest in Europe, is a place of prayer and gathering for local Jews and visitors interested in Jewish spirituality and Jewish history. Synagogues and other historic sites bear witness to the importance of the Jewish community in Split's history.

Despite difficult times marked by persecution and pogroms, the Jewish community continued to persevere and preserve its traditions, including Passover rituals, such as the Passover Seder. Today, it warmly welcomes visitors interested in Jewish holidays, spirituality and the discovery of Jewish cultural heritage.

For the Passover 2024 holidays, Beresheet is offering an organized family stay, offering an authentic and immersive experience in Jewish tradition. Come discover the perfect vacation destination to celebrate Passover 2024 in Croatia, where you can taste matzah, participate in an unforgettable Passover Seder, and learn about the region's rich Jewish history.

Live a dream Passover

Kiddush holidays and Shabbat

Services in the Elaphusa Synagoguehosted by hazan Aaron Saksik

Courses and conferences

Community or family seder with the possibility of privatizing a room on request

Large magical Mimouna around the swimming pool

Discovery of the Jewish heritage of the ancient city of Split: History, Museum, Synagogue